1) A few days ago we ___________ a horse near our house. a) saw b) have seen c) seen 2) My sister ___________ all her homework. Now we can play. a) did b) have done c) has done 3) I ___________ my cat for 6 months. a) haven't washed b) didn't wash c) hasn't washed 4) My mother ___________ a lot of apples yesterday. a) has bought b) have bought c) bought 5) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ___________ a great composer. a) has been b) was c) have been 6) I ___________ tennis in my life. a) never played b) did never play c) have never played 7) I don't know where Ann is. ___________ her? a) Have you seen b) Did you see c) Has you seen 8) They ___________ ten minutes ago. a) have arrived b) has arrived c) arrived 9) We ___________ in a restaurant for a long time. a) didn't eat b) haven't eaten c) hasn't eaten 10) My aunt ___________ three months in Australia last year. a) have spent b) has spent c) spent 11) I'm very hungry! I ___________ anything today. a) didn't eat b) hasn't eaten c) haven't eaten 12) I ___________ a new car. Do you want to see it? a) have bought b) bought c) did buy


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