1) She ..... at the office. a) play b) work c) don't work d) works 2) My father ..... ....... cigarettes. (NOT) a) smokes b) play c) doesn't smoke d) don't smoke 3) I .... .... meat. (NOT) a) work b) don't eat c) eat d) drinks 4) ...... Tom read a lot of books? a) Is b) Do c) Does d) Doesn't 5) We ..... to the radio. a) live b) works c) drink d) listens e) listen 6) Alice and Mark .... ..... in London. (NOT) a) isn't living b) doesn't live c) don't live d) work 7) ...... children cook dinner? a) Does b) Do c) Is d) Are 8) You ..... to the cinema at weekends. a) go b) play c) goes d) plays



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