Crie melhores lições mais rapidamente
1) He_______________________________here for three months. (work) a) Worker b) Workes c) Worked d) Workeer 2) They ________________________________ to Australia many times. (go) a) gone have b) gone c) have d) have gone 3) __________________ you ever________________ to Paris? (be) a) have, been b) been, have c) have, go d) go, have 4) Cayo ________________to the College tonight. (go) a) goes b) goes I c) I goes d) go 5) My parents _______________ Italian and French classes on Thurdays every week. (have) a) haven't b) haves c) haver d) have 6) Louise ____________________at the Brad's Office. (work) a) worked b) works c) workes d) work 7) Em qual das frases está na forma interrogativa do verbo to be? a) Are you friends? b) I am a doctor. c) She is not work today. d) They are my parents. 8) A frase "Mary is very happy." na forma interrogativa do verb to be fica: a) Mary is very happy? b) Mary is not very happy. c) Is Mary very happy? d) Mary is very happy. 9) Qual a forma negativa do verbo "to work" a) don work b) don't work. c) don't works d) does work 10) Qual a forma negativa do verbo "to pass a) don pass b) don't passes c) does pass d) don't pass.




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