World War II - War fought from 1939 to 1945 between the Allies and the Axis, involving most of the countries in the world., Nazis - A political party in Germany led by Adolf Hitler, dictator - Leader with complete control over a country’s government, Axis Powers - Alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan during WWII, Adolf Hitler - Dictator that led the Nazi Party in Germany, Hirohito - Emperor of Japan during WWII, Benito Mussolini - Dictator of Italy during WWII, Allied Powers - Alliance of Gr. Britain, France, US, Canada, Soviet Union and other nations during WWII, Joseph Stalin - Leader of the Soviet Union during WWII, Winston Churchill - Prime Minister of Great Britain during WWII, Franklin D. Roosevelt - US President at the beginning of WWII, Harry Truman - US President that made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan ending WWII, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii - US Naval base bombed by Japan which led to the US entering the fight during WWII, rationing - Government limiting the amount of food each person could buy during WWII, victory gardens - small vegetable gardens that influenced the amount of food available, Holocaust - The murder of 12 million Jews and others by Hitler during WWII, concentration camp - Prison where the Nazis enslaved and murdered millions of Jews and others during WWII, Nuremberg War Crimes Trial - When Nazi leaders were put on trial for their role in the Holocaust, internment camps - Camps where Japanese Americans were sent during WWII to ensure they did not support Japan in the war., D Day - the day that Allied forces invaded Nazi-held Europe by entering at Normandy, France, hoping to bring an end to WWII. (Largest EVER invasion by sea) Turning point in WWII,




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