1) do you all ways have to bully back to bullys? a) no you have to say lets be friend and not bully b) we do have to bully back 2) do you have to blame others? a) no you cant blame others if you do santa will not give you presents b) yes we have to to not get in truble 3) if someone sterotype on you like they say yea girls are weak is that right a) no its wrong because its so rude that you will cry b) yes its right to stero type 4) if some one tells you oh you are ugly hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah is that right? a) no its wrong because nobody is ugly b) yes its right because some people are ugly 5) thanks for playing:)))) a) your welcome b) ugh this is ugly. dont be rude guy and make sure you be nice/this is not a answer

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