Simple: The girl complained about eating the green beans., John jumped with excitement., We all enjoyed the cake and loved the ice cream., The weather forecasts that it will snow tomorrow., What did you do this weekend?, Compound: The car sped down the icy road; it swerved and landed in a ditch., They wanted to play a game, but it was missing the spinner. , The man went to the store; he bought bananas., Would you like to play soccer, or would you like to play volleyball?, I do not like onions, nor do I like asparagus., Complex: Although it was raining, they still had a good day., The ball bounced really high when the children threw it., They ran into the room even though it was against the rules., Because the roads are too dangerous to drive on, school will be cancelled., If you want to play sports, you need to work hard to keep your grades up.,

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