1) Bety's hair is ______________ Jessi. a) bigger than b) longer c) longer than d) short 2) The box __________________ the bag. a) light b) heavier than c) is light than d) is lighter than 3) The football ball ________ smaller than the beach ball.  a) are b) is c) am d) - 4) My grandfather ___________________ the kids. a) is older than b) are older than c) are old  d) is younger 5) Sally is ______________ than Tom a) better b) shorter c) bigger d) taller 6) The angel is _____________ the devil a) good than b) bigger c) better than d) lighter 7) The day is ________________ than the night. a) lighter b) darker c) bigger d) shorter  8) Tomy ________________ than Alan. a) are slower b) is fast c) are tall d) is slower



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