People will be mostly reading print books again and e-readers will have declined in popularity in 20 years., The number of people learning foreign languages will have fallen because apps will translate everything simultaneously., The idea of a retirement age will have disappeared and people will be working untill 70 and even beyond., We will be eating only laboratory produced meat products, e.g. synthetic hamburgers., Cycling will have replaced the car as the main form of private transport in towns and cities., People will have stopped using social networking sites and returned to face to face communication., The teaching of spelling and punctuation will have stopped in schools as people will be using text correctors for everything they write., We will be mainly watching films with computer animated actors who will have replaced human actors. , Fewer people will be getting married and the birth rate will have dropped even further., Life expectancy will have gone down in the developed world because of unhealthy eating habits. , It won't be necessary for anyone to learn to drive because we'll be using self-driving cars. .


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