1) What I like best about living in Brasilia is... 2) If you want to make money, the first thing you need is... 3) Something really valuable that I've learned in life is… 4) All I want for Christmas this year is... 5) If you want to stay in shape, what you need... 6) It was at school that.... 7) If you want to improve your English, all you need… 8) The one thing that really annoys me is... 9) It was... who taught me... 10) It was when I met my best friend that... 11) All I need this weekend is... 12) It was not me who started the fight. It was... 13) What Brazil really needs now is... 14) The one thing I'm really good at... 15) What I find most difficult about the quarantine... 16) My weekend was rather boring. All I did... 17) The thing I can't stand about my neighbour... 18) Something I dream of doing before I die is... 19) What I like the least about my school is… 20) It is because ... that I sometimes get so stressed out.

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