1) Whose is the laptop? a) It's Maria's. b) It's Marias. c) It's Marias'. 2) Whose is the pen? a) It's my. b) It's George's. c) Its George's. 3) This is ____________. a) my friends father's b) my friends fathers c) my friend's father. 4) Peter and Sam are my _____________. a) uncles children. b) uncle's children. c) children of my uncle. 5) Whose are the glasses? a) They're her. b) The're Carla's. c) They're Carla's. 6) Silvia is my ____________________. a) mother's mother. b) mothers of mothers. c) my mother's of my mum. 7) These are ____________________. a) Jacks keys. b) Jack's keys. c) keys of Jack. 8) Those are ________________. a) dictionary of Claudia. b) Claudia's dictionaries. c) Claudias dictionaries. 9) You are ___________. a) Jeffs sister. b) Jeff sister's. c) Jeff's sister. 10) Tobias is _________________. a) Cris' grandfather. b) Cris grandfather. c) Cris grandfather's. 11) This isn't ________________. a) Will's watch. It's James's. b) Will's watch's. It's James's. c) Will watch. It's James's. 12) Whose are those bags? a) It's Julia's and Mariana's. b) They're Julia's and Mariana. c) They're Julia's and Mariana's.



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