biofuel - This type of energy resources is said to be carbon neutral, nuclear - The waste from this energy resource must be handled carefully and stored securely for many years after its use, fossil fuels - A very reliable energy resource, but releases a lot of CO2, solar - Energy harvested from the sun, wind - A disadvantage of this energy resource is that people find it noisy and unsightly, tidal - This can damage underwater habitats and kill sealife, hydroelectric - This resource is often used to meet spikes in energy demand in the UK, and uses the gravitation potential energy of water to generate electricity, geothermal - Hot rocks in the ground are used to make steam to generate electricity, coal - A type of fossil fuel, pollution - A generic term for something that has a harmful effect on the environment, carbon dioxide - A greenhouse gas, contributes to climate change, turbine - Most energy resources rely on heat generation to turn water into steam, which turns this object, kinetic - Wind and water transfer energy from this store to generate electricity, renewable - Examples include: biofuel, wind power and hydroelectric power,



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