1) Was Lilly in the cinema last evening? + a) Yes, she wasn't b) Yes, she was c) Yes, she weren't d) Yes, she were 2) Were they at school yesterday? - a) No, they weren't b) No, they were c) Yes, they were d) No, they wasn't 3) Were you bored yesterday? + a) Yes, I were b) Yes, I wasn't c) Yes, I weren't d) Yes, I was 4) Were Paul and Ben sad two hours ago? + a) Yes, they were b) Yes, they was c) Yes, they weren't d) Yes, they wasn't 5) Were we at the museum last Sunday? + a) Yes, we was b) Yes, we weren't c) Yes, we wasn't d) Yes, we were 6) Was Tom angry last evening? - a) No, he wasn't b) No, he was c) No, he weren't d) No, he were 7) Was Mary hungry three hours ago? - a) No, she was b) No. she weren't c) No, she wasn't d) No, she were 8) Were you at home last weekend? - a) No, I wasn't b) No, I were c) No, I weren't d) No, I was 9) Was he at the hospital last month? + a) Yes, he were b) Yes, he weren't c) Yes, he was d) Yes, he wasn't 10) Were my friends at the circus last week? - a) No, I was b) No, he wasn't c) No, they wasn't d) No, they weren't



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