1) On page 43, John said that a powerful feeling hit him: "this was his place, he belonged here". Have you ever had that feeling? When? Where? 2) Have you ever met someone who has changed your life - as Paul and John did with each other? 3) Do you think John had nice memories about his high school years? What about you? 4) Have you ever poured your heart into something? What? When? 5) If you were a book critic, what would you say about this book? 6) Have you ever been to a wake? How was it? 7) Are you a person who forgives and forgets or do you hold grudges? 8) Have you ever paid the price for something you've done? What happened? Was it fair to you? 9) Would you like to visit Liverpool? Would you go to aunt Mimi's house? And the Carvern club where The Beatles played?



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