Where can people find a (life) partner? Make a list of likely places to meet someone., Do you have a partner? If so, where did you meet them?, How did your parents and grandparents meet each other? Was it any different from now?, Once you (think you) have found Mr(s) Right, what would you do next?, What do you look for in a potential partner? Make a list of qualities and put them in order of importance., How can you increase your chances of finding a partner? (as a man/as a woman), Do you think the Internet is a good way to find a partner? Explain your point of view. Make a list of pros and cons., Finding a partner using the Internet has become popular.  Do you know any dating websites? How do they work?, Have you ever written a real love letter (not email)? How do people in love communicate nowadays?, What is speed dating? Have you ever done it? Would you do it? What are its (dis)advantages?, What is a long-distance relationship? Do you think they work?, Sometimes people already in a relationship have an affair. Why would they do this?, What are the advantages of being single? Brainstorm., In some cultures bigamy or even polygamy is allowed. Are you in favour or against this? Why?, What do you think of arranged marriages? Do they still exist? Where? Can they work?, What are the advantages of being married? Brainstorm., What do the words cheating and adultery mean? Explain in your own words., Can you die of a broken heart? What advice can you give to someone who has just been dumped?.

Let’s talk about FINDING MR(S) RIGHT


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