What is your name?, How old are you?, Where are you from?, What pet have you got?, What's your favourite animal?, What's your favourite colour?, What's your favourite food?, What do you like to do?, What's your hobby?, Do you live far from your school?, What's your favourite season?, What's your favourite subject?, What's your mother's name?, What's your best friend's name?, What colour is your hair?, What colour are your eyes?, What colour is your shirt?, What colour is your school bag?, What is your favourite pet?, What do you like to have for breakfast?, What country do you want to visit?, Who usually cooks in your family?, What time is it now?, What day of the week is it now?, What season is it now?, What are you doing now?, What do you usually do at this time?, What do you usually do in the evening?, What is your mum doing now?, What is the best season?.


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