nutrients - a substance that provide essential growth, sugar - sweet crystalline substance, healthy - in good health, problems - a matter or situation that need to be dealt with, Bryce - student that has a pet Guinea pig, Braylan - student first year at DSA, Diet - a course of food that restrict one from eating, Breakfast - a meal eating in the morning , personal space - the physical space surrounding someone , fruit - a product of a tree or plant , yogurt - food prepared from milk, coronavirus - respiratory illness that has caused a pandemic, communication - exchange of information, relationships - people connected, latkes - potato pancake , menorah - a candelabrum used in Jewish, yarmulke - a skullcap worn by Jewish men, christmas - Dec. 25, kwanzaa - a 7 day celebration starting Dec.26, mask - face covering , nonverbal - not using words or speech,



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