1) My friend and I ... to the Waterpark many times lately. a) were b) have been 2) My friends ... to have a party the other day.  a) decided b) have decided 3) When ... Jack last?  a) did you see b) have  you seen 4) We never ... so much money for a souvenir.  a) paid b) have paid 5) Mum just ... cooking, we can have dinner now.  a) finished b) has finished 6) You ... the test very well today.  a) have done b) did 7) We ... a very beautiful Christmas tree last year.  a) had b) have had 8) Lisa ... her favourite chocolate cake just now. She cannot be hungry.  a) ate b) has eaten 9) I ... Mr Jackson in the food shop a minute ago.  a) met b) have met 10) ... you ever ... English to a foreigner? a) Did ... speak b) Have ... spoken 11) Helen: ... the vegetables, Ron? I can't see them. a) Did you buy b) Have you bought 12) Ron: Yes, I ... a) have b) did 13) Helen: Where ...them? a) did you buy b) have you bought 14) Ron: I ... them in the market, as usual. a) have bought b) bought 15) Jason:  ... for New York yet? a) Have the Greens left b) Did the Greens leave 16) Susan: Yes, they ... . a) did b) have 17) Jason: Why ... there? a) have they gone b) did they go 18) Susan: I ... a) don't know b) didn't know

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