1) Last week I ... my son swimming. a) taught b) have taught 2) I am so sorry. I just ... your favourite vase. a) broke b) have broken 3) Father, look, we ... a new toy boat! a) bought b) have bought 4) Alice ... a new dress last Saturday. a) bought b) has bought 5) Fred ... his horse in the park yesterday. a) rode b) has ridden 6) Jane already ... doing her room. It is very clean. a) finished b) has finished 7) I ... this dress. Do you like it? a) chose b) have chosen 8) Where is John? ... a) Where did he go? b) Where has he gone? 9) ... you ever ... sushi? What is it like? a) Did...eat b) Have...eaten 10) I'm not hungry. I ... already lunch. a) had b) 've had 11) Pete: Where is Richard? ... back? a) Did he come b) Has he come 12) Emma: Oh, yes, he ... a) has b) did 13) Pete: When ... at home? a) has he appeared b) did he appear 14) Emma: I think he ... back at 4 p.m. a) has come b) came 15) Lily: ... this book here, Ann? a) Have you brought b) Did you bring 16) Ann: Yes, I a) did b) have 17) Lily: Where ... it? a) did you borrow b) have you borrowed 18) I ... it from the school library. a) borrowed b) have borrowed

Present Perfect and Past Simple. Test 3


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