1) What’s your mum’s name? 2) What colour is your dad’s car? 3) What’s your best friend’s favourite band? 4) What are your friends’ favourite sports? 5) Who are your cousins’ favourite singers? 6) What are your grandparents’ names? What are their favourite colours? 7) Can you dance the tango? 8) Can you draw comics? 9) Can you run ten kilometres? 10) Can you ski? 11) Can you speak three languages? 12) Can you swim a kilometre? 13) Can you use the Internet? 14) What’s the date today? 15) When is your birthday? 16) When is your best friend’s birthday? 17) When is the first day of the summer holidays? 18) When is Valentine’s day? 19) When is New Year’s Day? 20) When is Halloween?


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