Yes, she does. - Does your sister like watching football?, No, I haven't! - You've got lots of money., have you? - You haven't been to Argentina,, No, I'm not. - Are you going out tonight?, Yes, they were. - Were the other students here yesterday?, Was she?! - My sister was arrested last night., No, she hasn't. - Has your mother ever been to the US?, are you? - You're not angry with me,, Did you?! - I got the highest mark in the class!, No, he doesn't! - Your father hates watching soap operas., didn't he? - Your father visited you last week,, Weren't you? - I wasn't told about the homework yesterday., haven't they? - Your parents have got a house in London,, Has he? - My uncle has climbed Mount Everest., Yes, they did! - The other students didn't enjoy themselves at all.,

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