1) A place can be a desert if it gets less than _______ inches of rain per year. a) 10 b) 12 c) 14 d) 16 2) In a desert, what carves rocks into strange shapes? a) running water b) blowing winds c) desert animals 3) Deserts can be cold. a) True b) False 4) In most deserts, a lot of rain goes back into the air, or ________________, because of the heat. a) condenses b) evaporates c) precipitates 5) Where do desert plants store water? a) their leaves b) their stems and branches c) their roots 6) Desert animals are able to live in a place with very little water. a) True b) False 7) Some desert animals get water by licking the __________ that collects on plants and rocks overnight. a) dew b) slime c) crust 8) How do desert animals deal with heat? Check 3 answers. a) Some rest in shady spots. b) Some drink lots of water. c) Some live underground and come out at night. d) Some are covered in hard scales. e) Some stand in the wind to cool off. 9) A ____________ is a large piece of land covered with trees and bushes. a) prairie b) forest c) grassland 10) Which type of forest's trees have leaves that turn colors in the fall, fall off in the winter, and grow again in the spring? a) coniferous forest b) deciduous forest c) rainforest 11) Where are the seeds of conifers found? a) the stems b) the flowers c) the cones d) the roots 12) The only part of a coniferous tree that is eaten by animals is the cone. a) True b) False 13) Why does the air of a rainforest feel sticky? a) Most rainforest trees are evergreens. b) There is so much water in the air. c) It rains every day in some parts of the rainforest. 14) The four layers of the rainforest are the forest floor, the understory, the ______________, and the emergent layer. a) canopy b) can of soup c) canary 15) Most rivers, lakes, and ponds have what type of water? a) salty b) fresh 16) Some animals live in the mud at the bottom of a pond. a) True b) False 17) Water plants make _____________ for the animals living there. a) food b) oxygen c) food and oxygen d) nothing 18) Cattails are plants that can be found in a pond habitat. a) True b) False




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