1) My friend is ... ... friend in the world a) worse b) the best c) better 2) Tom's car is ... than my car. a) fast b) fastest c) faster 3) These pictures are ... in the gallery. a) the most beautiful b) beautiful c) more beautiful 4) The new film is ... than the old film. a) the best b) worse c) the worst 5) Winter is ... than autumn. a) colder b) cold c) coldest 6) The story about animals is ... than the story about robots. a) interesting b) more interesting c) the most interesting 7) Moscow is ... city in Russia. a) bigger b) big c) the biggest 8) My hair is ... than Anna's hair. a) longer b) longest c) long 9) My brother's arms are ... than my arms. a) strong b) stronger c) the strongest 10) This task is ... in the text. a) difficult b) more difficult c) the most difficult 11) The green sofa is ... in the flat. a) comfortable b) more comfortable c) the most comfortable

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