1) Ann is ….than Mary a) tallest b) tall c) taller 2) January is …… month of the year. a) the coldest b) cold c) colder 3) He is …… teacher in our school. a) good b) better c) the best 4) This river is .... than that river. a) long b) the longest c) longer 5) This is ... day in my life. a) more interesting b) the most interesting c) interestinger 6) My house is ... than your house. a) biger b) the biggest c) bigger 7) Today the weather is.... it was yesterday. a) bader  b) more bad c) worse than d) worse 8) Chinese is .... English. a) the most difficult  b) more difficult than c) difficulter than d) more difficult 9) Tom is ... pupil in our class. a) the best b) goodest  c) the most good d) best 10) This film is .... than that one. a) the funniest b) funnier c) more funny d) the funnier 11) It is .... in August than in October. a) hoter  b) hotter c) more hot d) the hottest 12) This is ..... film he has ever seen. a) the baddest  b) the most bad c) the worst d) worse

Degrees of comparison / adjectives "Степени сравнения прилагательных" (выбери правильный вариант)




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