What is the best book you have ever read?, Have you listened to music today?, What movie have you seen recently?, Have you ever worn a Halloween costume?, Have you ever got 15 Valentine cards?, What holidays have you celebrated recently?, Have you cleaned your shoes today?, Have you ever worn second-hand clothes?, Have your bought new clothes this month?, Have you swum in the sea this year?, Where have you travelled?, Have you planned your summer vacations yet?, Have you ever won an award or a medal?, Have you recently played football?, Have you ever run a marathon?, Have you ever crashed your bike or car?, Have you ever lost money?, Have your parents ever punished you?, Have you recently been ill?, Have you ever broken a leg?, Have you ever had a black eye?, Have you been to the Zoo this year?, Have you ever kissed a dog?, Have you ever ridden an animal?, Have you ever drunk a cucumber juice?, Have you eaten pizza this week?, What is the best food you have ever eaten?, Have you ever cheated on an exam?, Have you been late for school (work) this week?, Have you ever done your homework yet?.



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