1) We will book the tickets... we go to the cinema. a) Before b) Since c) As long as 2) .... he is in town, he visits us. a) Wherever b) Until c) Whenever 3) She takes off her shoes.... she gets home. a) Until b) Since c) The moment 4) I'll call you..... I get to the hotel. a) As soon as b) Before c) Ago 5) Turn off the lights.... you leave. a) Until b) Till c) After d) Before 6) ....... Sue reached the bank, it has closed. a) As soon as  b) Wherever c) By the time 7) We saw the smoke... we turned into our street. a) As b) While c) Since 8) I can't wash the clothes.... the washing machine is repaired. a) After b) Before c) Until d) Hardly when 9) I have to finish these letters.... I leave the office. a) Before b) After c) Whenever 10) I was washing my hair..... the phone rang. a) While b) When c) As soon as 11) Mum said we must be home.... 11o'clock tonight. a) After b) Until c) By 12) You can visit me.... you want to. a) Whenever b) Till c) For 13) ... he read the instruction, he knew how to start the machine. a) Once b) When c) Since d) Before 14) I was doing the ironing.... he was washing the car. a) While b) As soon as c) Until 15) They didn't get married... they saved enough money for the honeymoon. a) After b) Before c) Until 16) We won't move to the new house... the children leave school. a) Since b) As long as c) Before 17) I'll write to you.... I have the results. a) The moment b) As soon as c) Immediately d) Whenever 18) They had fixed the roof..... Dad came back. a) By the time b) By c) After 19) The students don't know.... the results are announced. a) Till b) By the time c) When 20) Moira made sure the ring was solid gold.... she bought it. a) After b) As soon as c) Before




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