1) What is ... game? a) the goodest b) the best c) better 2) Tom's car is ... than my car. a) fast b) fastest c) faster 3) These pictures are ... in the gallery. a) the most beautiful b) the beautifulest c) beautifuler 4) Westerns films are ... than Action films. a) badder b) worse c) the worst 5) Winter is ... than autumn. a) colder b) cold c) coldest 6) The story about animals is ... than the story about robots. a) interestinger b) more interesting c) the most interesting 7) Moscow is ... city in Russia. a) bigger b) big c) the biggest d) biggest 8) The Nile is ... than the Amazon. a) longer b) longest c) long 9) Moscow is ...Sochi. a) most expensive b) more expensive than c) expensiver 10) This task is ... in the test. a) difficultest b) more difficult c) the most difficult 11) Russia is ... country. a) bigger b) biger than c) bigest d) the biggest 12) Comedies are .... Scince Fiction films. a) the funny b) funnier than c) funnyer than d) funniest 13) Draughts are ... Chess. a) most boring b) more boring c) boringer d) more boring than 14) Desktop is .... laptop. a) the worst b) bad c) worst that d) worse than 15) Mega Quiz is ... Pop Star. a) good b) the best c) better than d) better

Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives test 7




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