location of the swimming pool, opening hours, sauna availability, price for 3 months, discounts for students, departure dates, travel time, return ticket price, buying the ticket online, tuition fee, course location, duration of the course, special clothes, evening classes, if it’s a paperback edition, number of illustrations, vegetarian dishes, the price of a book, audio version of the book, duration of the tour, the starting point of a tour, number of bridges you’ll visit, the price for a group of 10, price of kitchen appliances, if one can buy it online, number of functions of a kitchen unit, guarantee period, recipe book to go with the kitchen unit, location of a flower boutique, opening hours, kinds of flowers in stock, if they sell pot plants, discounts for big orders, location of a cafe, types of food served, vegetarian dishes, dancing floor, group discounts, operation hours, starting point of a tour, tourist attractions to see, price for one person, group discounts, departure dates, single rooms, sports facilities, price for two weeks for one, transportation, sport facilities, price for a week for one person.

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