radio - A device used to play sounds such as music or people speaking., raise - To lift something up., rarely - Something that happens infrequently., rather - To prefer something over another., reach - To stretch out your arms to touch something., receive - To be given or presented with something., record - To capture sounds such as singing or talking., region - An area or division of land with unique characteristics., relax - To become less tense or anxious., remain - To stay in the same place., remove - To take something away., repay - To give back money that was borrowed, such as a loan., repeat - To do or say something again., report - To spread the word about something you have heard, like in a newspaper., represent - When a person acts on behalf of a group of people, like a Senator., respond - To react to something someone has said., result - The final outcome of a project or competition., rythmn - A strong, repetitive beat or sound in music., rising - Coming up, such as the sun in the morning., ruin - To destroy something that someone has worked on., rant - To speak angrily at length., remodel - To remake, especially a house., research - To study or gather information., respect - To honor or show esteem., robe - A loose full body garment that closes in the front., robin - A small songbird with a red chest., rodent - A small furry mammal with large teeth such as a rat or mouse., rose - A thorny flower with many petals that can be red, pink, white, or yellow., ruler - A piece of wood marked at intervals for measuring distance., rake - A gardening tool used to gather things such as leaves.,

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