1) My cousin ... married on Friday. a) is getting b) 'll get 2) I think people ... drive flying cars in 50 years. a) will drive b) are driving 3) I've got a toothache. I think ... to the dentist. a) I'm going b) I'll go 4) You're talking to your cousin. 'Did you decide where to go for your holiday?' He says; ' Yes, ... to Los Angeles. a) I'll go b) I'm going 5) You phone your best friend: ' ... tomorrow, so we can meet at City Centre One.' a) I will not work b) I'm not working 6) 'Why are you putting on your shoes? ... somewhere?' a) Are you going b) Will you go 7) I think you... a lot of money from your grandma. a) will get b) are getting 8) I hope ... a good grade in Science. a) I am getting b) I will get 9) We ... in the charity event ' Give peace a chance' on Thursday. a) are taking part b) will take 10) I hope my grandparents ... catch a flu this year. a) won't catch b) aren't catching



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