I want to take up photography., Roller coasters are so thrilling. It's my favourite ride., Rafting is a challenging sport., I am very fond of my sister., They are mad about fast food., I find swimming enjoyable., Massage therapy is very relaxing., We love to hang out with eachother., Finally, a change from the city to the countryside., They are keen on video games., These are animal stickers., I have got an American stamp., I give up!, It's great to get experience out of internship., Jaws is an excellent thriller movie., We took up the ice bucket challenge., He is a mad scientist., The boy is bored with basketball., He is excited about the seal., I am very dissapointed with myself., She is very surprised by the birthday party., She is frightened of spiders., He is tired of work., Children can be tiring sometimes., Reality is often dissapointing.,




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