1) A mix of gases in Earth's atmosphere a) air b) temperature c) season d) snow 2) A group of tiny water droplets in the sky a) sun b) cloud c) wind d) weather 3) Water that falls to the ground from the clouds a) rain b) weather c) season d) wind 4) A part of the year with different weather a) thunderstorm b) sun c) season d) weather 5) frozen ice crystals that fall softly from the clouds a) temperature b) snow c) air d) cloud 6) the star at the center of our solar system that burns gas and gives off heat and light a) wind b) thunderstorm c) rain d) sun 7) a measure of how hot or cold something is. a) weather b) sun c) temperature d) cloud 8) a storm with thunder and lightning. a) air b) cloud c) thunderstorm d) weather 9) what the air feels like and sky looks like at any time or place a) temperature b) weather c) wind d) sun 10) moving air a) weather b) wind c) cloud d) sun

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