John Green ____ in 1977 in Indianapolis, but he ____ in Orlando, Florida.He went toschool there, but he didn't ____it. John was tall, thin and shy and all the students ____ him. Things ____ when he ____ college. John ____ English and Religious Studies at the college. After he ____, he ____ at the children’s hospital and then he ____ a writer. John ____ Chicago and ____ at a magazine. He ____ book reviews and also started to work on a novel. The book ____ his high school experiences and it was ____!In Chicago John also ____ with Sarah, a girl from his old school. They ____ and had two children. Teenagers love John’s books because they are about ____ who live in ____. John Green has come ____ from the quiet kid at school. He has written ____ he has won five awards and over ____ people have read his book.

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