1) Mark ... to the mountains tomorrow. a) goes b) will go c) go d) went 2) I will eat a strawberry cake ... a) yesterday b) every week c) tomorrow 3) ... you go the cinema next Friday? a) Will b) Are c) Is d) Do 4) Mike ... a newspaper tomorrow. a) won't read b) isnot reading c) will not to read d) wan't read 5) The program shows the impact we ... ....on the planet in the future. a) have b) will has c) will have d) wan't have 6) .... you ... me? a) Will ... help b) Were ... take c) Are ... take d) Does ... take 7) My mother ... if I break her favourite cup. a) won't happy b) will be happy c) will happy d) won't be happy 8) He ... be a postman in the future. He is very clever and wants to study science. a) won't b) will  c) will to d) wants to 9) I think I ... my exams, because I study hard. a) will pass b) won't pass c) will fail 10) He ... after he finishes school. a) be born b) will to go university c) will get married d) will go to university

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