1) You ... eat in the classroom. It's not allowed! a) must b) mustn't c) can't 2) Students ... take the rubbish out. The cleaners will do it. a) can't b) have to c) don't have to 3) You ... enter the building after 10 o'clock. The entrance is closed. a) mustn't b) must c) can't 4) You ... get permission to invite friends in your room. a) can't b) must c) mustn't 5) You ... sit on the grass! You will destroy the flowers. a) can b) must c) can't 6) I ... a flat yesterday. a) rent b) rented c) rents 7) How much ... you pay per month? a) did b) do c) are 8) We ... out last night. a) go b) are going c) went 9) You ... have parties in your rooms! It's not allowed. a) can't b) couldn't c) don't 10) Look! They ... a) are dancing b) dance c) danced

Spotlight 6 Module 8 Modal Verbs

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