1) London isn't cheap. It's___ . a) expensive b) easy c) good d) small  e) young  f) old 2) My coffee isn't hot. It's ___. a) difficult b) expensive c) small d) young e) old f) cold 3) ‘Are your shoes new?” ‘No, they’re_________ a) cheap b) expensive c) old d) hot e) young f) small 4) You aren’t a bad student! You’re a______student! a) good b) old c) young d) cold e) hot f) difficult 5) ‘My dad’s 40. He’s ___ a) cold b) young c) hot d) old e) small f) expensive 6) ‘He isn’t old! Forty' is___ a) young b) hot c) small d) new e) cheap f) expensive 7) This exercise isn’t difficult. It’s_________. a) easy b) old c) new d) cheap e) hot f) small 8) Our flat isn’t big. It’s_________. a) small b) hot c) young d) old e) difficult f) easy 9) The weather isn’t horrible! It’s________________. a) nice b) old c) hot d) new e) young f) fast 10) The weathers nice! It’s ____ and _____ a) warm/sunny b) cold/fast c) cheap/new d) warm/cold 11) It’s ____to understand you. You speak very fast. a) difficult b) nice c) new d) young 12) My family’s very nice. We’re very____ a) friendly b) hot c) expensive d) new e) awful



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