1) .... you like to save money? a) Do b) Would c) Want d) Prefer 2) Would you .... the black T-shirt or the white one? a) prefer b) want c) like 3) I'd ... to go to the electronics shop to see some new mobile phones. a) want b) like c) prefer 4) She ..... to borrow money from her sister. a) wouldn't prefer b) doesn't want c) wouldn't like 5) Would you .... to go to the bookshop? a) like b) want c) prefer 6) I ... to buy a new car. a) wouldn't like  b) don't prefer c) want 7) I'd .... to eat some soup today rather than something heavy. a) want b) like c) prefer 8) He wouldn't ... to be a doctor, as it's a stressful job. a) prefer b) like c) want 9) Mum, I .... an ice-cream right now! a) would prefer b) want c) would like 10) It's a dreadful weather. I'd .... to stay at home rather than go to school. a) want b) like c) prefer

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