1) We found a buyer for our house, but then the sale fell ______ a) through b) down c) off 2) When we gave her the bad news, she broke ____ and cried. a) out b) up c) down 3) This necklace was _____ down to my mother by my grandmother. a) handed b) passed c) given 4) I _____ after my mom - we have the same height, build and bone structure. a) go b) look c) take 5) When you look ______ this in a year or two, it won't seem so bad. a) at b) back c) back on 6) He's a loyal friend and has never once let me _____ a) down b) out c) go 7) My father is amazing. I really look _____ him. a) up on b) up to c) up at 8) She looks ________ people who come from poor families. a) down at b) down on c) down for 9) He wasn't able to _____ with the stresses and strains of the job. a) cope b) adapt c) fight 10) She used to confide __ him whenever she had a problem. a) into b) at c) in 11) His aunt ______ him up on her own a) raised b) brought c) grew 12) She is jealous ___ my success. a) for b) of c) at



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