1. I began to ____ about the possibility of starting my own business. 2. Companies are increasingly making use of ____ in order to market their goods. 3. A series of impressive manoeuvres by the chairman had secured a ____ contract for the company. 4. The campaign’s organizers hotly ____ much of the criticism that has been levelled at them. 5. Right now, I have to work three jobs just to ____. 1. She had a string of lovers before her marriage finally ____. 2. Your change in ____ should have no effect on your career. 3. She said she was going to ____ him out to lunch. 4. Would you ____ a man ten years younger than yourself? 5. We've ____ and done our own things, that's why we've got such a long-lasting marriage. 6. She ____ her mind to call him again.




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