1) After the drought, food levels are low and children are suffering from ______. a) hunger  b) eating c) diet d) poor 2) ______ situation is worst in the centre of the city. a) Homeless b) Homelessness  c) Home d) Homes 3) A large factory has just closed so ______ in the area is really high. a) population b) flood c) unemployment d) pollution 4) ______ levels have not risen in the last three years. a) Stealing b) Crime c) Killing d) Robber 5) High levels of ______ in town centres on Saturday nights create a problem for the local hospitals who have to help those who get hurt. a) unemployment b) hunger c) poverty d) violence 6) ______ from cars has reduced in the last fifty years and the air is now much cleaner.  a) Protection b) Poverty c) Pollution d) Population 7) ______ is a huge problem for people who live in big cities.  a) Drought b) Poverty c) Hungry d) violent



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