1) Benjamin: "I often have a big hamburger." a) Benjamin said (that) he often had a big hamburger. b) Benjamin said (that) he often had had a big hamburger.  2) Dominic: "She understands Japanese." a) Dominic said (that) she understood Japanese. b) Dominic said (that) she had understood Japanese. 3) Jessica: "I'm going to clean the room."  a) Jessica said (that) she was going to clean the room. b) Jessica said (that) she had been going to clean the room. 4) Teacher: "Rachel has never been to Philadelphia." a) The teacher said (that) she was never to Philadelphia. b) The teacher said (that) she had never been to Philadelphia. 5) Lucy: "The train didn't arrive on time." a) Lucy said (that) the train wasn't arrived on time. b) Lucy said (that) the train hadn't arrived on time. 6) Nick: "Walter doesn't eat meat." Nick: "Walter doesn't eat meat." a) Nick said that Walter didn't eat meat. b) Nick said that Walter wasn't eat meat. 7) Emma: "I'm sitting on the chair." a) Emma said that she did sitting on the chair. b) Emma said that she was sitting on the chair. 8) Peter: "Megan can dive and surf." a) Peter said that Megan could dive and surf. b) Peter said that Megan can dive and surf. 9) Helen: "You must finish your homework!" a) Helen said that I had to finish my homework. b) Helen told me that I must finish my homework. 10) Tim: "We will go to the seaside next year. a) Tim said that they went to the seaside the next year. b) Tim said that they would go to the seaside the following year. 11) John: "When I came home Mum was cooking soup." a) John said that when he came home Mum had been cooking soup. b) John said that when he had come home Mum had been cooking soup. 12) Milly: "Let's go to the cinema!" a) Milly said she would go to the cinema. b) Milly offered to go to the cinema. 13) Karen: "Wash the dishes, please." a) Karen asked me to wash the dishes. b) Karen asked me if I washed the dishes. 14) George: "Do you have any free time tomorrow?" a) George asked me if I had any free time the next day. b) George asked me if I have any free time tomorrow. 15) Lisa: "Why are you crying?" a) Lisa asked why if I was crying. b) Lisa asked why I was crying. 16) Rick: "Would you like to join us?" a) Rick asked if they would liked to join her. b) Rick asked if we would like to join her.

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