1.Martha told Mary that Mr Craven shut the door of the garden after his wife died and ____ the key. 2. Mary went out, she could see wide ____, trees and flower beds, and a large pool with an old grey ____ in the middle. 3. Mary was walking through the gardens until she came to an ____. 4. As she reached the door of the first walled garden and came inot it, she saw an old man ____ in the corner. 5. He turned around and ____ softly. 6. Then a wonderful thing happened: the bird with the red ____ landed on the earth. He didn't look frightened. He hopped about, looking for insects. 7. Mary ____ that she was lonely. 8. Old Ben looked at Mary and said : "I expect you've probably got a horrible ____ like me'. 9. He picked up his ____ and walked away.



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