1) she draws very ... a) well b) good c) nice 2) Can you drive ...? a) slowly b) slow c) quick 3) Dick smiled ... a) sad b) sadly c) happy d) good 4) He is a ... man. a) nicely b) nice c) well d) kindly 5) She speaks English ... a) well b) good c) bad d) goodly 6) Mary is a good runner, she can run very ... a) fast b) slow c) quick d) good 7) Why are you ... with me? a) angrily b) angry c) badly 8) Can you say it ...? a) quietly b) quiet c) slower 9) The party was very ... a) well b) good c) lately 10) My brother is ill, he isn't ... now. a) good b) bad c) well d) goodly 11) Don't drink your tea so ... a) quick b) quickly c) slow d) loud 12) A turtle is a ... animal. a) slow b) slowly c) bigly d) well



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