1) The United States of America is a) a continent b) a city c) a country 2) How many states are there in the USA? a) 30 b) 50 c) 60 3) On the American flag there are thirteen stripes and fifty a) suns. b) squares. c) stars. 4) The American President lives: a) in the Yellow House. b) in the White house. c) in the Green House. 5) The name of the big river that flows through the USA is: a) the Mississippi b) the Thames c) the Volga 6) The capital of the USA is: a) New York b) Washington, D.C. c) Chicago 7) In Hollywood there are a lot of: a) rap and rock singers b) actors c) basketball players 8) The name of the big bridge over the San Francisco Bay is: a) Brooklyn Bridge b) Tower Bridge c) The Golden Gate Bridge 9) The name of the waterfalls between the USA and Canada is: a) Victoria Falls b) Iguazu Falls c) Niagara Falls 10) The Big Apple is a nickname for: a) New York City b) San Francisco c) Los Angeles 11) The United Nations building is in: a) New York b) San Francisco c) Los Angeles



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