1) ... is a big house. a) These b) My c) This 2) ... girls are my friends. a) These b) That c) This 3) Loook at ... angry tiger! a) these b) that c) those 4) ... mother is kind. a) These b) My c) Its 5) They have a baby. ... baby is cute. a) Their b) My c) This 6) ... have a cat. Our cat is grey. a) This b) He c) We 7) She has got a teddy. ... teddy is white. a) These b) Her c) His 8) ... flowers are pink. a) Those b) It c) This 9) I have a brother. ... name is Terry. a) This b) Her c) His 10) The elephant is big. ... nose is long. a) Its b) His c) This



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