1) If you heat ice, it ... a) melt b) melts c) melting 2) I feel good if you ..... me regularly. a) visit b) visits 3) Deren ... to work if the weather is good. a) doesn't cycle b) cycle c) cycles 4) If Andy ... to bed late, he cannot wake up early. a) go b) goes 5) If it doesn't ..., plants cannot grow. a) rains b) rain 6) I feel sick if I .... too much chocolate. a) eat b) eats 7) If I don't do my homework, my teacher ... angry. a) gets b) get 8) I cannot ... well if I don't have my glasses. a) see b) sees 9) If you study hard enough, you .... very good grades. a) don't get b) gets c) doesn't get d) get 10) I always take my umbrella with me if it ... a) don't rain b) rains c) doesn't rain d) rain

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