1) Plants die if you a) don't water them b) didn't water them c) will not water them d) would not water them 2) If I see Tom, a) I invite him to the party b) I will invite him to the party c) I invited him to the party d) I would invite him to the party 3) If you asked me, .......... with the gardening a) I will help you b) I would help you c) I would have helped you d) I help you 4) If you finish your homework a) we'll go out b) we go out c) we went out d) we would have gone out 5) If I were you, ...... before you use it a) I will clean the oven b) I would clean the oven c) would have cleaned the oven d) I clean the oven 6) If I had known it was your birthday a) I would buy you a present b) I would have bought you a present c) I will buy you a present d) I buy you a present 7) If you ........... you would be a lot healthier a) exercised b) exercise c) will exercise d) have exercised 8) If you ........ harder, you will get good grades a) studied b) will study c) study d) have studied 9) If he......... to the party, he would have had a great time a) came b) had come c) will come d) come 10) If I ....... home earlier, I would have time to cook a) arrived b) had arrived c) arrive d) will arrive

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