Neal: On a family holiday in Belgium, when I was maybe 12 or 13, my dad, who has always had a ____, thought it would be ____ to shave it ____, and he came into the room where we were all sitting and it turns out he basically has no top ____, and he was ____ and we all ran into the room, ____ the door, and he was just left on his own. And for the rest of the holiday, no one could really look at him or take him ____ cos he looked ____, and then it took him at least two months to ____ it back. Affie: When I was about to take my first ____ on my own they changed my ____. I had no idea where I was. It was a ____ airport in Munich. I was ____. I was running everywhere, asking everyone, 'where is my gate'. And it turned out it was just in ____ of me and I was just running ____ the airport with ____ idea where should I go, when I was actually in the ____ place. Cecile: A few years ____ I went on holiday to Mauritius to ____ some sun, but the weather was awful and it rained every day, so I just ____ most of my time in the hotel, which was a bit of a ____. James: I remember when I was four or five on a ferry to France on a summer ____ with my parents and I, apparently, got ____. They had to speak over the speaker phone to ____ and find me, the whole ____ was looking for me and they found me in a ____ with a bowl of sugar ____.



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