1) I ______ when I _____ your text message. a) slept, got b) was sleeping, was getting c) slept, was getting d) was sleeping, got 2) Susan ____ around Italy when she ____ her boyfriend. a) travelled, was meeting b) was travelling, met c) travelled, met d) was travelling, was meeting 3) When we ____ the house, we ___ some old photos. a) cleaned, found b) were cleaning, were finding c) were cleaning, found d) cleaned, were finding 4) They ____ for the bus when they ___ an accident. a) waited, saw b) were waiting, saw c) were waiting, were seeing d) waited, were seeing 5) It _____ to rain when they ___ to school. a) started, were cycling b) was starting, cycled c) was starting, were cycling d) started, cycled 6) A dog ____ into the road when I ____ home. a) was running, was driving b) ran, drove c) was running, drove d) ran, was driving

2.4 Past Simple vs Past Continuous



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