1) Millions of people _________ online when he jumped out. a) were watching b) watch c) watched 2) He was celebrating when his family _________ . a) arrived b) arrive c) arriving 3) What _________ when you saw the tornado? a) you do b) you did c) were you doing 4) What was your sister doing when you _________ her about the flood? a) tell b) told c) were telling 5) They were moving stone when they ___________ some sounds. a) hear b) heared c) heard d) were hearing 6) When the teacher arrived I _______ a) didn't talk b) wasn't talk c) wasn't talking d) weren't talking 7) The hurricane arrived while they _________ TV. a) watched b) were watching c) was watched d) was watching 8) He was waiting for the bus when he _______ the lightning. a) was seeing b) see c) saw d) seen 9) While we ___________in the mountains it started to rain. a) walked b) was walking c) were walked d) were walking 10) When I saw Ben and Tia, they _______ on a bench and _______. a) were sitting / were laughing b) was sitting / laughing c) were sitting / laughing d) were sit / laugh



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