1) The person who directs an orchestra. a) conductor b) keyboard 2) The words of a song. a) text b) lyrics 3) My friend belongs to a ____ . They sing together once a week. a) choir b) orchestra 4) The name of a peson who plays a cello. a) cellist b) celler 5) That song is really ___ ! I keep singing it to myself. a) incomprehensible b) catchy 6) The 'music' of a song. a) tune b) lyrics 7) The titles of newspaper stories are called ___ a) headshots b) headlines 8) She's a ___ journalist. She works for herself. a) free b) freelance 9) When a newspaper story isn't objective it is ___ a) biased b) subjective 10) A small humoros drawing in a newspaper. a) a funny picture b) a cartoon 11) The verb that means you're sorry you did something. a) to regret b) to convince 12) I think we should read a film ___ before we go and see it. a) plot b) review 13) It's a verb which means to say no when you don't want to do something. a) to refuse b) to persuade

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